The Quality Of Retaliation

When I have heard to learn,
I have mistreated someone for no apparent reason.
And they were innocently chosen to be victimized,
For nothing wrong at all that was done.
Be aware of this...
The quality of retaliation,
Is not randomly done by anyone.
A repayment is often specific.

If I've been accused for a mis-doing of 'this' or of 'that',
To anyone who has to chat to another,
Unknown to others as to what has been implemented...
That person no longer for me exists.
Especially someone who practices cowardice.

What would be the point to have folks believe,
They can do what they please to then leave...
With accusations they have been treated mean.
What would be the point to continue feeding such an ego,
Without nipping that nonsens,
From a stench someone is accustomed to smell and see grow.

Awareness clears the sky from all clouded eyes.
And alerts the mind to any malfunctions needing to be corrected.
A mouth split to speak from both sides of it,
Can be made to keep closed.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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