The Quarter (Children)

Poem By C.J. Heck

One day I found a quarter.
It was right there on the floor.
I put it in my pocket
just in case I found some more.

My Daddy took me with him
and I took my quarter, too.
We went to do some errands
then we were going to the zoo.

I could buy my Daddy something,
something special for the yard.
Or maybe somethin' fun to do
cause he works very hard.

We walked down to the corner
and we saw a blind man there.
He was sitting in a wagon
with a rag tied in his hair.

His clothes were kind of ratty
and his face was sort of sad,
but he said hello to everyone
just like he's really glad.

I looked up at Daddy.
He saw the blind man, too.
I put my quarter in his cup
and the blind man said, 'Bless You! '

I'm glad my Daddy wasn't mad
I gave away my money.
He said he was real proud of me.
Boy, grownups sure are funny.

Comments about The Quarter (Children)

I love this poem, C.J. Very warm and fuzzy. S
CJ, Another warm poem as only a child could write. You are indeed blessed. Rusty

4,8 out of 5
39 total ratings

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