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The Queen Of Hearts

Diana was a Princess not by birth but by chance
And she died in a car crash 'that's old news now' in France
Along with her lover Dodi Fayed and their driver as well
Diana was a Princess but life for her was hell.

She married Charles The Prince of Wales back in nineteen eighty one
And she gave to the Royal Family two strapping healthy sons
And though Charles treated her badly he gave her a raw deal
Diana grew more popular for she had great appeal.

A patron of landmine victims and a patron of the arts
Diana was the Princess who became the 'Queen of Hearts'
She shook hands with the lepers and she walked amongst the poor
And of her place in history Diana is secure.

The British Royal Family their history is strange
They stand for class distinction they don't believe in change
But Diana she was different she saw things differently
And she will be remembered for her humanity.

Her blond good looks and blue eyes and the shyness in her smile
She drew attention to herself though she seemed free of guile
Her marriage breakup public the world watched her in tears
And the paparazzi lived off her for close to twenty years.

The British Royal Family they seem aloof and cold
But Diana she was different she had a 'heart of gold'
The patron of the paupers and the patron of the arts
Diana was the princess who became the 'Queen of Hearts'

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