HN ( / Colombo / Sri Lanka)

The Queen Of The Night

Mighty oceans of darkness
slowly flow
Shiny pearls like stars
brightly glow

Sensation of your
elegant bloom
Appears once in a
blue moon

Suspending on a rough
spicky surface
Swaying like a
pretty young princess

Blooming throughout
one summer night
Until become whole
and bright

Seducing enigmatic fragrances
of absolute devine
Mesmerizing sweet senses
of mother nature's design

Precious wonder under
the calm moonlight
You are the gracious
Queen of the Night...

Copyright(c) Hemakumar Nanayakkara

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Comments (17)

Perfectly penned! ! Flow is soft and the words just roll off the tongue..nothing forced here.. A vision of pure poetry..the second last stanza is incredible.. My admiration and '10' Thanks for the read
Ahh, The Queen of the Night, you have painted from the palate of your heart Each brush stroke 'tis so capturing and eloquent - right from the start! *10*! ! Best regards, Friend Thad
This is a wonderful and very creative job of both rhythm and rhyming of verses. It creates a beautiful painted picture. I just adore the vision painted, GW62
This is a very good poem with great rhythm and rhyme
You have artfully personified the magic and mystery of the night as an alluring and enchanting queen to whom all lovers of the night bow with alacrity.
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