The Quest

Poem By Richard Dorrough

Your armor is tarnished
Your steed has grown old
The face of adventure
Now weakened and cold

So tell us old friend
What did you find
The secrets of life
The key to the mind

Did you find the grail
The fountain of youth
The golden fleece
Have you learned the truth

Have you slain all the dragons
Saved the ladies in distress
Untied the knots
Of life's tangled mess

You went on your quest
The years have been long
Was it all for nothing
Could we have been wrong

Your journey was hard
Ever so gaunt and pale
The soul in your eyes
Secreted behind tribulations veil

A man of true heart
So young and so bold
Is it the burden of knowledge
That has turned you so old

Is there truly a light
At the end of it all
Do our lovers await us
Or will the cradle fall

So come we demand you
Can you show us the way
Or at the end of the quest
Are we still all astray

You traveled afar
So many miles apart
Was the truth always near
Held here in our hearts

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