The Quest

Dreaming of the impracticable,
baring the grief of farewells,
then combusting from a possible fever
and departing where nobody will go.

Loving 'til obliteration;
loving, too much, too dreadfully,
And trying without possible strength and armor.
To reach the unapproachable star-
that is my quest.
Following the star
for whatever chance,
whatever time
of my despair.
And then pursuing, always,
without question, nor rest.
Damning myself
for the gold of a phrase of love.
I don't know if I will be that hero,
but at least my heart will be at peace.

The cities would suffuse with blue
because a dysphoric being
still burns even though everything has all been burnt.
loving too much, too badly
to the point of dismembering
to reach the unattainable star.

by Victoria Rabelisoa

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