Mind Pollution

Pollution indeed blocks the way
To clear, dearly we have to pay
Varied indeed the monsters play
To be vigilant all the way!

Air, water, soil we pollute
Making global warmth resolute
Bye to health and joy absolute
Pity we accept and salute!

Far worse is our mind pollution
Denies problems nice solution
Fills the man's mind with all cobwebs
Hard to clear with all world wide webs!

Fear, anxiety, worries for ever
Peace and poise, pleasure and joy never
Life of self and all made poorer
Worse indeed is mind pollution!

When polluted, knows not right or wrong
Good or bad, ill or well - vices throng
Sure only His grace and guidance help
Pray God, seek HIS grace and speak with self!

by Subbaraman N V

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Although not a fan of this poem it was still an interesting read.