I Talk To God About You / More Than I Talk To You

I talk to God about you
More than I talk to you
We discuss joy, and pain too,
As I ask Him what to do

And God, He always listens
When I share what grieves my heart
Until my spirit glistens,
He promises to never part

I ask Him to please guide me
And be with you as well
Let us live for his glory
And bring blessings of which to tell

I pray He makes you strong,
A godly, leading man
And keeps your life from wrong,
Giving you all the joy He can,

When I want to talk to you,
I talk to God instead
He knows just what I'm going through
And the chaos that lives in my head

So, know that sometimes it's hard,
But I pray for you a lot
'Cause my thoughts I can't disregard
So I bring to God all that I've got

by Lauren Beasley

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Although not a fan of this poem it was still an interesting read.