The Quest For The Cross!

A dream from nowhere came to me,
I dreamt I searched for Calvary!
I walked along God's streets of old!
I saw God's Temple crowned in gold!
I watched the Romans, Gentiles, Jews.
Barabbas? Jesus? They must choose!
They choose Barabbas! Christ must die!
The wicked cried out, 'Crucify! '
'No, no! ' I shouted, 'Leave Him be! '
The Lord looked up, then looked at me.
A loving smile adorned His face,
Yet He must die to take my place,
For I have sinned and know this well,
Without Christ's Blood I'd go to Hell.
I followed Jesus to the Hill.
They pierced Him, made His Blood to spill.
Beneath the Cross I wept and wept
All through the night my body slept.
Yet with the miracle of dawn,
I rose from sleep, at peace, reborn!

by Denis Martindale

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