(c) 13 (Life/Philosophy) A Mind Rich In Innocence

Truth, The Real God
Not that we have made
Does not want a facade
Of the limited and narrow world that we parade

It asks for a mind rich in Innocence
That doesnt have a scratch of experience
A mind free from time
A mind free from grime

It wants a Being whose heart is Full
Rich, clear which does not get pulled
By jaded and petty eyesight
Just capable of intense feeling in all its might

Be sensitive with your nerves
Your eyes, your body, your voice, your ears
See the beauty of the tree, the smile of the child
The agony of the woman without a meal, the animals in wild

Unless you do, there is no intelligence
It doesnt come with knowledge or experience
Comes with sensitivity and observation
A mind rich in Innocence....

by Renu Rakheja a.k.a Tranquil Ocean

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Comments (2)

Very intense emotions Karen. I related this to my own relationship with my mother. Great write! Sincerely, Mary
Yes, yes...I hear you. It's awfully annoying when someone leaves you hanging. If people could just be honest and tell you how they feel. It would be a wonderful world. Very cute poem Karen, keep em coming.