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The Question

I gazed into the darkest abyss and was amazed to see
A familiar looking face gazing back at me

In a familiar voice he cried out as if in pain
“Release me from these dreaded chains”

I looked closer for a glimpse of recognition
Who was this poor soul begging for redemption

A bolt of electricity coursed through my spine
As I realized this tormented soul was mine

“Break these chains and set me free”
“Let me join my father who passed before me”

I heard his cries but could do nothing to assist
I felt his pain but had to reluctantly resist

As I turned to walk away from him
I knew this day would come again

Would I be as strong as I was this day
Or would I break these earthly chains and simply fade away

The answer to the question is not mine to give
The question to the answer is to die or live

by Joe Hall

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