The Question

"Are you okay? " He asked.
That question,
The question I've been waiting my whole life for.
And when the words release into the air,
A chaos of emotions take over,
Engulfing me like fire engulfs dry grass.
My heart begins to ache,
And my body begins to shake,
And my eyes begin to tear,
And my hands begin to quiver,
And my breath becomes shallow,
And my world begins to renew,
Because finally,
After everything,
After all the suffering and pain,
Somebody cared.
Cared enough to ask the question.

by an unknown person

Comments (4)

A good write of insight.++10
Unknown with a gift of gab, open up and i will sail in your shadow
what a wonderful poetry! ! the feelings you have exposed through these lines really startle me. dear unknown one carry on..
....Cared enough to ask the right question. This is a great poem. It really prompted me to think how valuable it is to communicate about the profound things that afflict and impact so many. Dealing with these kinds of issues goes way beyond communicating about emotions and feelings; it invites discussion about coping and experiencing physical and inner traumas and events. Welcome to PH. This poem is a 10.