The Question Of Light And Dark

I am a lover of light
You desire the dark

I open the window shades,
You close them;
I welcome in the morning with a hope swollen heart while
You cower in the covers.

I return in the evening to find
You happy and cozy with one 60 watt lamp.

I flip on every light I can to allay the anxiety that grips my now deflated heart while
You are just coming alive: things are just cooking for you
Your only anxiety coming from concern over the expected excessive electricity bill.

How can we two coexist:
One who rides the sun and
The other who swings on the moon?

The question used to gnaw at the back of my brain, though I tried to ignore it.

Like one tries to pretend she doesn’t have a problem with mice
Though there’s a small hole at the bottom of the rear wall of the garage and
A suspicious pile under the lawnmower.

by Lee Ann Schaffer

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Oh, I love this. Great contrasting, and a super ending, Lee Ann. This is one of my favorites for sure. Excellent word-play. :)