The Question Of Right To Privacy!

Do you have individual privacy, when nothing is going on smooth in the society?
Can all our information in unique identity number be ever kept in secrecy?
1984 Big Boss type CCTV watching everything everywhere, do we have any privacy?
Is right to privacy like constitutional right to think, speak and do free as in democracy?

Sans privacy and secrecy, can safety and security of individuals and things be maintained?
Can we live in safety, if we are frank, open and truthful in this world of uncertainty in all?
When creations of man like religion, money, border and nuclear weapons have become
Dangerous things in the world, can right to privacy be relied on in a democratic country?

Due to frail nature of everything in the world, can we rely on the assurances of any govt.?
With delineation of borders, conversions by religions, money security for all, weapons for defence
And so many other things for security allowed, why can't right to privacy be allowed?
If right to privacy is pampered with, do individuals have freedom and rights?

Debates and discussions go on in democracy over many questions endless ever;
But any solution can ever be relied on even if experts' verdict is respected?

by Ramesh T A

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