The Quilt Of Love

Poem By Gene Olson

The late summer breeze blows
A hint of winter’s coming snow
A hint of peaches ripe on the vine
A strange mix that makes the senses reel

Eliciting thoughts of summers passing
and all that brought us to where we are
Enticing thoughts of new wonders undiscovered
fresh tracks to be made and feelings to be explored

Where do we go from here?
There are no road maps for this excursion

The compass points me South
while I know that you are heading North
Where is the middle ground
the fantasy land where our love can thrive?

I am lost on loves highway
all I have is a full tank of gas
And the sweet scent of peaches
to guide my way

I’m in no particular hurry
I know you are waiting there
for eternity

A shepherd will find me
and guide my way
For I am a sheep
lost in the field of dreams

But like a sheep
I keep on munching
Until I find that spot
where the grass sweetens

This is our spot
We stake our claim
And build an empire of love
that rivals the Romans, Mayans and Neapolitans

The sweet spot
That's where we will meet
Where the fabric of two universes
Will be sewn into the quilt of our love

Comments about The Quilt Of Love

nice usage of nature and sheep in ur piece.. i like it.. keep it up dude =)
Exquisitely soft ode straight from the heart.Good work! ! TO

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