The Race Industry

The coconuts have got the jobs.
The race industry is a growth industry.
We despairing, they careering.
We want more peace they want more police.

by Benjamin Zephaniah Click to read full poem

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Such an expressive poem.
Without the2 poor! ! There is no rich person! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Without the poor! ! There is no rich person! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
'In suits they dither in fear of anarchy. They take our sufferings and earn a salary. Steal our souls and make their documentaries. Inform daily on our community. Without Black suffering they'd have no jobs.' is very touching. A nice poem.
The Uncle Toms are getting paid. The race industry is a growth industry Painful to tolerate the evolution of such a flesh trading race, making money, power and politics out of anything and everything. An eye-opener. Excellent effort. 10++++ for it.
A poem to be reckoned- - - - -It voices the grievance of black people who are discriminated against in the job market and whose tales of sufferings are sold like marketable commodity through different mediums. In a way in today's world, where filming is so easy, many do films on the sole end of profit making and suffering and plight of people is such an easy theme to get.Films done on Dons and Mafias make them as heroes. In the age of T.V., internet and social media anybody can make a film, any body can make a documentary.Accusing only 'Uncle Tom' no longer holds true..
a brilliant poem that says it as is but not just in Brixton? the coconuts now have control over every creed and colour in our so called modern and civilised world! .............. superbly written Ben
This poet took the risk of using his creativity in scrambling the English language and comes out unscathed.. Brilliant!
The coconuts have got the jobs. Coconuts are liked by many across the world. The race industry is a growth industry. This industry and people involved here take your sufferings and give opportunity of earning a salary.The coconuts are getting paid. It sounds good. But men, women and Brixton are being betrayed is so sad, sensitive and thought provoking. This poem is brilliantly drafted. This reflects life, economy and social status. ..10
Such an interesting poem about racism.....
I am not knowledgeable enough to know whether I agree with you that the coconuts are getting all the jobs, but I accept that within certain contexts, geographical and job-types, for example, you are probably right. I can also see that it would seem so as well. All, most or any of that being the case, I can certainly see that the rest would follow. I liked the repetition, emphasizing how the truth and/or perception is debilitating for those who are not getting the jobs. I like that you are airing these views. They need to be aired.
Hi Benjamin. Over the years, I have read many books and poetry about racism. I appreciate Tanya for explaining the meaning of coconuts. Perhaps I have heard it before and simply forgot. I must say that I look for answers and 'more solutions' for such continuing problems such as the type you describe. There is no lack of awareness, but a lack of resolve.
The coconuts are getting paid Coconut is a word used to describe brown-skinned/black people who have adopted white culture, and have neglected their own. Which means - brown on the outside and white on the inside. Just like a coconut (For those who did not know) The poem may have a bit more meaning now that the use of the word coconut is explained. Its an interesting read though.
.......We want more peace they want more police. That..
And it's also because of the ultra-Leftist, white pseudo-liberal establishment that currently shuts its doors on more talented poets, to promote a tone of bland egalitarianism opposed to celebration of talent...because of them, I continue...that this guy is allowed to repeat himself and keep on playing the race card because he doesn't have enough talent to come up with anything less cliched and more interesting to say. And he patronizes fellow black men who don't care about colour the same way true liberal whites don't in every line of this awful 'poem'.
I totally agree with this poem...thumbs up
We despairing, they careering. Poignant poem...truth indeed
Hello, this is an awesome poem! I am doing an essay on this poem, and i was wondering is this considered a poem about rascism? ?
For Andrew James: Zephaniah writes so that everybody can read, including you and I who went inside the four walls/not of prison but of college and those folks who populate the alleys and ghettos of all the corners. He said his mission is to take poetry everywhere, as it has never been done. You charged him with countering old sins of the West; sorry the guy is mad at your progenitors for the rapes committed against his own. Leave the poor alone, Andrew.
drivel... evidence that english culture is falling into a cesspool of illiterate dunderheads... zephaniah's ouvre is empty headed drivel... he has little to say other than preachy diatribes imparted with trivial insights slapped together for mass consumption and appeal... most children write better poetry than this garbage..