The Race Towards Home

No need to sit in despair for very soon we will meet Him in the air.
We need to prioritize our life and begin with The Lord Jesus Christ.
Not only is He The Only Way but the author and finisher of our Faith.
In this life we sometimes call a race; He alone sets the winning pace.
Upon Jesus Christ we must fix our eyes if we desire to win the prize.
We must be focused upon The Lord and not run on our own accord.

One thing you must consider too, is get rid of all that hinders you.
For in this race if you want to win, you must cast aside your sin.
Consider more than grievous sin, all your cares you must cast on Him.
Anything that wastes your time could impede you at the finish line.
No need to enter leery, with Christ you will run and not grow weary.
When you’re established in the race you receive God’s Awesome Grace.
Faith’s not hindered by many things as we sore with eagle’s wings.
Remembering those who finished before gives you strength to endure.

Many run the race as fools but you only finish if you obey the rules.
Some who believe they had a start will only hear the Lord say depart.
But a faithful race will warrant Christ saying well done faithful servant.
This earthly race soon will end, and then we’ll see our Lord and friend.
On the day He parts the skies; all the faithful will gain the prize.
From this earth the Church will rise to gain a body that never dies.
Many have entered without a change to find they ran their race in vain.
For the reason that they must depart is they ran without their heart.

by Bob Gotti

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