The Race

Poem By jeanne harmon

Open your eyes and start running
Don’t stop running
Your heart is beating
Your head aching
Your heart is breaking
Keep running and don’t stop
And don’t get down your knees and beg for mercy
What are you doing?
Don’t stop!
Sweat is pouring down your face
Your head is coursing with pain
Your side is aching
You’re almost there!
You stumble but you keep going
You’ve been through all these obstacles
Oh, how rough the road has been!
Oh, look there is the finish line
A blinding white light
Then it’s gone

Comments about The Race

nice! i like it! im a runner too.
Ah yes... Life, the treadmill of the soul. I know this life! best, jeff
As a runner, I like it. A long distance runner has to press on through to the end.

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