TV (29/07/92 / Coventry)

The Raid

A million fires, a million voices,
Echoing into the night,
Of what once existed is gone,
A new world begins tonight.

Tonight and for eternity,
Order is restored to the sanity,
Peace restored to the innocent,
And fear restored to the wicked.

Draw swords, clubs and partisans,
Raid the vaults and collect the Gods mana,
Sacrifices made, sound the trumpets,
Tonight we rise, tonight the sky is red.

Blood stained shirts, blooded brothers we return,
Blooded members of a brotherhood,
A brotherhood born in flame and ash and blood,
The cursed red, never to be removed.

Mount the flags, brew the drink,
A parade to mark death proceeds,
Burning, rape and pillage,
How often marked with flags and drink.

Heroes to our country we return,
More banners, fires and drink,
A camp set, a plan in motion once more,
A million fires, a million voices, echoing into the night.

by Thomas Vaudin

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