JAH (03/09/1974 / Danville, IL)

The Rain

The Rain is half-baked linoleum aftershocks
Splashing down in neothermal waves of answers
Today we will swallow, tomorrow we'll wallow
And the puddle gets bigger with each thought
The masquerading thornbush drinks and swallows
Gathering up and inhaling a few scents of pain
And grows a little bigger, a little wiser, a little deeper
It allows for time standing still in a make-believe cartoon
Rugby, tug me, but don't let go
In the little light, I can't see
A dew dropp frop and out we go
Tomorrow maybe, today, yes, but yesterday....no
It always knows in the gasoline alleys,
Byways, distant hiways, go sideways
And on the edge stands a blue-eyed boy
A sunflower in hand and a gun as a toy

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