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The Rain
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The Rain

This is for the rain that fell
And drenched the city streets
For the rain that cut through the sacred earth
And gave life to the lands.
For the rain that keep our oceans clean

For the rain that gave me inspiration
Pounding a jazzy beat outside the café window
The coffee was weak to taste
But kept me warm while Soho slept.

For the rain that fell as we made love
a steady rhythm
music to guide us

For the rain that soaked me
As I walked to school through the park
Tromping through the puddles,
Mother came with fresh clothes –
I caught a cold.

For the rain that Noah faced
Forty days and Forty nights
Unstoppable flood

For the rain falling on city streets
Sadly beautiful and poetic against the soaked concrete

The Umbrellas didn’t have a chance.

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An unusual format but I liked it very much. I can really get into each verse and picture it all. Sincerely Ernestine Northover