(7 February 1979 / Shillong)

The Rain

How blissfully dribbles the rain
Fuming over surfaces, flooding the drains.
Drops after drops, their unceasing train,
Make little oceans along the lanes.

Ho! A child darts over the muddy banks
Then sweeps into a messy swamp.
His cries exhilarating draw in the ranks
Of shirtless soldiers surfing the swamp.

What peal of thunder, what cloud now bursts!
The sky's now blistered to heal the earth!
The wind brings shivers, the flood brings dirt!
Yet, all together, they vanquish the dearth!

See, the pearls now glitter
In the shimmering sun;
As colors bend over,
The rain is done.
Well, ask the farmer,
It's not all done, Oh! It's not all done!

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