The Rain In My Soul

Poem By James Waters

I feel the rain beating down on my soul
Washing away all my pain
A cleansing of the dirt that clutters my path
An opening of my eyes so I can see again

All my ugliness washed down the drain
All my sins washed clean
A new man emerges where the old man once stood
A return to my past, I’ll refrain

I feel the rain beating down on my soul
Replacing the bad with the good
Washing the foulness out of my life
Leaving a clean house for God where a wretched house stood

Rain down on my soul, Lord
Wash my sins clean
For I was blind but now I see
Truly only in you will I be redeemed

I feel the rain beating down on my soul
I am at peace at last
No longer does the anger exist
For I have cast away my past

I am a new man in God
The devil will no longer take hold
I will stand tall in my new life
Because of the rain in my soul.

Comments about The Rain In My Soul

James, this is a wonderful composition. Personal yet universal. Uncannily I used similar imagery in a poem today, called 'Is life a predictable emotion'. Cheers, Anita

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