My Daughter My Pride My Joy Ever

My daughter you are my pride, my Joy, my life
Words can't express the gladness in my heart
When i brought you to life and in this world
You grew up a fine lady, my love, my pride.

We used to laugh and grin like teenagers do
Remember our walks at night so bright, so true
When we talked about our crushes too
How lovely our small talks about love, about you.

There never had been a dull moment with you
Whenever we go out to watch a movie or two
With Pop corn at hand, coke and Pringles too
How happy our memories to keep and woe.

I vividly recall your blushing face dear
When your crush came across and oh our way
You stood still and turned your back in shame
But why i asked you? you're a lovely sight there

We've gone through the storm life had offered
We both became strong willed, wise and smarter
Now that you have Jill, my granddaughter our faith will keep us
Focused to our goals to become the world's best Mothers.

I am grateful that God for gave you to me
No one can replace my happiness when i first held you
Let us look back to our happy moments together
I love you my daughter, my Joy, my pride ever.

by Eden Panotes Orbista

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deeply express and full of hope. keep writing! ! !
This is an old or early poem of Creeley's - but one of my favourite.