The Rainbow After The Storm! ! !

I cry, but the tears dont even stay by my side.
Sometimes I feel like I am all alone, and I have no help fighting of the cold.
But Lord I know you're here, what do I do to break this mold?
What do I have to hold, the memories, the use to be's, or the part of me I wish to be.
I thank you for the blessings on my life, thank you for a place to sleep at night.
Thank you for a family that cares, who tries to calm my fears.
Wait it is here, the warmth of the blessings on my life, the devil has lost his hold, I am no more cold.
And the tears flee so that I can see the rainbow after the storm.
You were there all along,

'Never will I forsake you, Never will I flee'


by Christina Beckwith

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