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The Rainbow (Children)
(August 10 / Born in Columbus OH - living in Florida)

The Rainbow (Children)

Today I saw a rainbow
with bright colors in the sky.
I couldn’t see its start or end,
just its middle, way up high.

Mom said that it’s God’s promise,
that the world will still go on,
and He always will forgive us
though sometimes we do wrong.

I guess I understand it
and I’m glad He thinks that way.
I just wish He’d paint His rainbows
up there every single day.

Gee, Great Grampa was an artist.
We have his paintings everywhere.
He died a long, long time ago.
Is he helping God up there?

That rainbow sure was pretty
and they mostly look the same,
but Great Grampa should tell God...
He should always sign His name.

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What a lovely poem! I realy enjoyed this C.J.. Great job. Sincerely, Mary