Hearse Tanka

Poem By Chenou Liu

The river is clean, rippled, liquid glass,
I see a reflection that is not my own.
A mirror, a ghost of you. Me.
The world has not changed -
The trees still reach with yearning arms towards the empty sky.
The wind still moans, tired, losing it's way.
There is still a day. Still a night.
Still time that tumbles, carries me away, too fast,
A pulse too fast to live.

And yet there is a hole,
A world we knew,
And when you left you took it with you.
You stole the magic, a wizard thief.
Locked the sunshine in a cage and put the
Summer rain in your pocket.

These. These colours. They have not changed.
They will open and run through the water, through
My fingers.
Sands of time that will not be stopped.
The rainbow that cries.

Comments about Hearse Tanka

This is a fine verse and pulls in the reader with much imaginitive metaphor and imagery - - I thoroughly enjoyed the read and you have a poet's way with seeing life through a heart that must write poetry..... a super write Danielle..... and 10 + + from Fay..

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