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The Raining Night
Nhat Thuy Vi ( / Sadec, Vietnam)

The Raining Night

Rain, it rains in the garden
Gently falls as sound of heaven
I hear the music!
A sad melody of Chopin's - who's playing it?
One by one, as the raindrops falling, one by one!
My soul is touched with sadness and pain
The sound is entwined - of music and the rain
The blue notes on a silvery curtain
As the musician paints
As beautiful flowers bend it withering petals
I hear the wind whisper
The wind is whispering
Will it find its way in my heart
Will it console the suffering within
My eyes closed, awaiting!
the wind is awaiting!
The music, the rain, is continuing falling
As tears are brimming in my eyes
Rain, it's raining in the night!

Nhât Thụy Vi

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Enjoyed the music of rain - -nice penning - Rain - water- watersheds-inspired me always- pl. read my poem the rain 1 and 2