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The Rainy Season
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The Rainy Season

The rain's gone on two days,
I hope it goes on longer,
this welcome break from time.

The sun demands
a smile, a dance,
a day of work, or play.

The rain makes no demands,
It covers and it nurtures,

shelters seedlings
in its arms.

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SobadpoemAdd a comment
'The rain makes no demands, it covers and it nurtures' - I love your perception of the rain and the way you have created such a vivid picture in so few words. A really refreshing read. (My perception of the rain is called 'Understated'.) Kind regards, Justine.
You have captured the spirit of the rainy season. Every word, every phrase, capturing a thought, a mood, a feeling. And then the beautiful unforgettable 'Sheltering seedlings in its arms'. Bravo!
I loved this Max! One of my favorite things to do is sit on my porch during a rainstorm............nothing better! Very nice poem. Sincerely, Mary
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