The Randomness Of Picked Chic

The randomness of picked chic.
And ideologies to keep,
Associated with fashion.
Or kept religious beliefs.
Have become so diverse.
As curiosities merge,
To encourage ethnicities...
To share and experience,
What they offer to each other.
Like no time done before.

Diminishing are,
Once segregated turfs.
Claimed by various races,
Their heritage deserves...
To be isolated and preserved.
But those of expanded minds...
Have discovered to find limits,
Pointless to restrict...
Within districts in which,
Races and attitudes...
Have long been a blended mix.
And too difficult to depict,
Who is who to prove...
With it validated to do.
From observation to declare,
How someone dresses...
Or the way they wear their hair
Is there to make others aware,
Of a religious affiliation.
And not a feeling that leaves,
Unnecessary to express.

The randomness of picked chic,
Makes a statement that says...
'This is 'me'!
Accept or not.
Brand me to box.
Or in a slot to name drop.
But who I am won't be stopped.
Because 'your' mind is blocked,
By learned to adopt bigotry.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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