The Rapture

When Jesus comes back again
Will you be ready to go
Or will you be left down here
To face the tribulation and woe
The people are getting worse
As they go along the way
They have taken God out of their lives
And don't take time to pray
The new world order
Is almost ready to begin
The computers are being programmed
As they prepare for the man of sin
All freedom will be lost
And he will gain the power
To call fire down from heaven
In the last days and hour
The only escape that you have
Is to be born again
Into the kingdom of God
Where there will be no end.

by Lawrence Hill

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Thought your great preacher predicted that last month. As you see the visions of such fools are, now, twice-wrong. About their personal disgrace I am not moved. However a handful of innocent people were hurt and it is high time for you Christians to stop thinking you are privy to what basically does not exist.