Treasures No Longer Found

Swallowing the putrid sadness that insists on coming into
this life uninvited, placing hearts on gallows, hanging
and leaving them bereft in the darkness of mourning.

Taking and trying to bring it into the atmosphere of life
does not seem to want to happen, as I find lifeless thoughts
listlessly lolling about interiorly lost and forlorn.

Nothing happening to awaken the fruitlessness of anything,
treasures no longer being found within, just an emptiness
and feelings of abandonment.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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Thought your great preacher predicted that last month. As you see the visions of such fools are, now, twice-wrong. About their personal disgrace I am not moved. However a handful of innocent people were hurt and it is high time for you Christians to stop thinking you are privy to what basically does not exist.