(January 24,1994 / Cagayan de Oro, Philippines)

The Raven And The Crow

what is the difference
between a raven and a crow?
for one has a more beautiful name
than the other one has to show

has jealousy seeped into the crow
to hate the raven so?
to think of such an evil plan
and sink so very low

To take away all of the things
so quick and so abrupt
and take away the raven's life
it's nothing but corrupt

the raven lies there bleeding
dying by each passing minute
the snow soaks up its dark red blood
before the cold then kills it

triumph reigns inside evil
elated as it might feel
a cold eminates from it
loneliness will be its chill

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Comments (5)

very creative with the raven poem, good!
A lovely poem to answer a Question. The difference between a raven and a crow? Take a look at the logo for the Baltimore Ravens football team and you will see that the beak is orange or yellow, as you will. In actuality the orange tint in the black bill is very subtle. That is the difference although the raven is larger than the crow. Makes a lovely trivia question. Adeline
such a amazing poem its very good :)
the raven coherent the crow take a bow side by side nice rhymes May. brett.
it's great! i really like it and it rhymes!