The Raven's Field

Poem By Jessie Michaels

A raven sat upon a branch
That reigned above a golden field
Where sunlight lent a golden hue
To yellow grass which swayed and swooned

And I came up upon this field
A wanderer so tired and worn
Only to see this beauty unfold
Beneath a cloudless summer sky

I sat awhile on a perch of my own
Another branch on the Raven's tree
As sun soaked through my hardened skin
To warm that which was cold below

I could have sat forever there
Trading looks with my feathered friend
But I knew that time would pull me hence
To travel far from tranquility's home

And so I stood and looked around
A glance to pull deep into me
A spark of peace - my very own
Until I happened next upon a field so free

Comments about The Raven's Field

Nature is a great blessing and its poetry, too. Thanks
This is exactly what a nature walk should accomplish, that is, your immersion in the natural world as a human being. You don't dissolve into nature, you blend with it as a fellow denizen, a respectful observer, more than willing to wait patiently until you become not just a visitor but one of the many who are earthlings all. And the promise of more such walks into the shared landscape is the perfect ending.
a lovely poem of sharing and taking in nature's beautiful blessing's? ................well written.

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