The Ravishes

The ravishes of aging stress,
Brought about by a hopeless...
Uninvited yet permitted,
Can get little relief received.
When accepted grief is imbedded
To believe will not leave.
Yet carried as a task.
Belabored as if,
Assigned to endure...
Until a test is passed.
Has its consequences to pay.

The ravishes of unfulfilled,
Promises anticipated...
To await them not to come,
Begins to numb...
The ones bummed out by burdens,
Slumping weighted bending backs
A doing done to welcome,
Has no return.

And everyday to witness,
Fading shadows...
Once etched by rays of Sun,
Disappear as sunsets end.
Never to observe another one.
With wishes to see,
Begin again.

No longer are the ravishes.
No longer are the feelings,
Felt to be grabbed...
By nerves pinched.
No longer are reflections,
Gone from a disappointing...

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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