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The Real Her
KX (March 27 / Long Island, NY)

The Real Her

you look into her eyes
place her in a category
you make assumptions
but you dont know her story
you dont see the pain
the tears she fights back
you dont see her life
theres so much that it lacks
shes not happy
its merely a show
no one knows the real her
she doesnt want anyone to know
her life was far from perfect
with all the **** that shes been through
you sit, laugh and make jokes...
but really you have no clue
her room is her haven
somewhere to get away
pen and paper are her savior
to get out what she needs to say
her pillow has seen better days
right now its filled with her tears
she doesnt know how to deal
this has been her way for years
so she cries herself to sleep
drowning in her sorrows
she sits and wonders
*When will i run out of tomorrows*
god only knows
when her time will end
god only knows
when her pain will finally mend

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