The Real Man In The Critical Times

If he does not have that great wisdom That enables him To be or not to be anytime, then He is merely weightless and he is just A rug of cloth... Wisdom is needed when dealing Even with trivial matters or The whole life will be up-side-down anytime... To be wise, then It means what your people need and not What you need... If you need, then Their needs will be helpless and hopeless... A real man is that one who listens To his people anytime... If you are a real man, then Listen carefully to your people and To what they need immediately... People have wide eyes and some Have big mouths anytime... The right man must be in the right place or The whole life will be absurd, useless, and meaningless. ______________________________________________________________________


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Life is very complex at times; with the muse of others trying to destroy the world. Thanks for sharing this poem with us. E.K.L.