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The Real Me

Hidden inside of me is
A little boy curled in a ball
Hiding it behind a laugh

Hidden inside of me is
A little boy who blames himself for
Hiding it behind a smile

Life hidden in the shadows, living in isolation
Afraid to come out of the shadows
The shadows of his heart
Clings to the darkness of reality
The boy screams form within
But the shadows hid it behind a smile
The boy gives in
And silently weeps
He wonders……
“How could they be so blind
as to think that smile was real? ”
“Why cant the see
the real me? ”
Hidden inside of me is a boy
Wishing to be set free

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Other than the fact that I'm a female, I can relate to this... That feeling of despair on the inside, the mask of happiness on the outside... I know the feeling all too well, and you have captured it here. Warmest Regards, Eliza Stine