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It Took Place At The Sea

It took place at the sea, in the foam of the ocean,
Where the carriage of city rarely arrives.
In the tower of a palace the queen was playing Chopin,
And to sound of Chopin the page fell in love.

It was all very simple, it was all very dear:
The page asked him to cut pomegranate in half,
And she gave him a half, and the page she did tire,
And to sound of sonatas the queen fell in love.

And she later submitted, submitted with thunder,
Like a slavegirl she slept all the night till the day.
It took place at the sea, where the turquoise waves wander,
Where the pages sonatas and azure foam play.

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Mary Elizabeth Frye

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

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U.U...Barry is right U.U...although I would love to be part of your on-line family...I know perfectly well that I cannot replace your real family. No matter what...you are kin...not matter what...you have a bond. No matter how difficult it all seems right now...I ask you to not completely turn your back on them...there may come a time when that bond is strengthened...: -) Hugs, Dee
U.U., Our friend Dee Daffodil suggested that I read this one ; and once again, she was right. (I sort of wish that she wouldn't be that way ' ALL' of the time!) But, she was again! I suppose that is one of the many things that we all get to learn from each other. Nobody is alone out here. We do not have to agree with each other all the time, but, we DO listen to each other, and we DO learn. Even in the ' best' of families, that does not always happen! Well said! B.V.A.
these people mean so much sure we have never meant and prolly never will they freed my soul and warmed my heart my favorite lines are right here. im always going to be here for u even when i graduate.