Side Track

Would you like to see the side that I never show?
The darker self which lies within the crimson of my eye
Thought-crimes clutter the mind
Like a body riddled with bullet holes
A body without a soul, not empty just not whole
Neck hang a noose-style chain
The beauty of death fighting an infinite hole called Life
Blinded by millions of lights covering the night sky
Right there, I cry in the middle of the rain of a cloudless sky
Comforted by death, I'm stripped bare
On the centre stage of life's parade

A standing ovation, encore, encore, more misery
Night after night full house, a wonderful play
Filled with mother nature’s pain, betrayed
To ease the mind I relax to naughty by nature hip hop hooray
Hoping to bury the thoughts I’m unable to control
Just like riding a bike, my mind jumps back on suicide’s hold
With a rope to break my fall should I put my head through
These thoughts never dry only run ramped
They clutter these street, rats, beggars and thieves
I must care for those in reality, ‘till I'm no longer needed
I hide mine by helping renovate yours

by Kelvin Owusu

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