MK (December 7,1944 / Norfolk)

The Real People

Wild with love laughter and great dreams,
we loved sun shine but chose moonbeams.
Our message was to love one and all.
Little did we know how things would be.fall.
Instill kindness and harmony to your brother.
Our flowers were starting to smother.
All together we sang about unity.
They made us move from the community.
Up to the north country we went,
where time had stood still.
We needed discernment but got a cold chill.
Years marched on and our wish for equality
didn't last.
We seemed to be getting old much too fast.
We were - those hippies people did say.
Now, it takes courage just to face the day.
Mistakes were made as our youth faded
and everything we planned became sadly

by michele kostelnik

Comments (1)

A nice historical poem about how ideals as formed and sound in theory a great idea, at first they work well and bloom like a flower, only for the flower to be choked by mans the weeds of mans desire and greed. This is one of your best yet, in my opinion some of the rhyming words could be a little less forced, although they do help to carry the poem along. nice work with a good message all the best vincent