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The Real Question Is

‘There is lots of love in the world,
But not for me’
We’ve all felt this way, at some point
But is this the real question?

For we cannot expect to receive love,
By considering ourselves undeserving.
Loving and accepting the myriad rainbows
Rising and glowing in our heart, is then a pre-condition

This acceptance opens pathways
On which love travels with speedy wings, to find us
But also know that opening our heart to love implies
Accepting pain, and the possibility of loss too

So love may find us, walking a path of thorns
And lead to a secret Eden of joy
But finding love doesn’t come with a promise
Of staying on, forever

Its difficult not to grieve when love moves on,
Over mysterious pathways
Finding new destinies that await its arrival
To manifest in this plane

For the real question is,
Do we prefer to live loveless and hurt alone;
Or to have known a soul mate
And unfettered love, atleast once in our lifetime!

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Comments (3)

Powerful piece, so very true as well Thanks 10+
Anita, one of your best to date, and no mistake. Really enjoyed reading this.10/10 Ian
Always been true Anita, first we must learn to love our self before others can share your love... Andy 10