'The Reality‘ Which Has No Image

In ecstasy the apprehension
is perhaps more definitely
‚beatific‘ than in the orison of union.

Such memory
of his feeling-states
brings back with him
an exultant certainty.

This certainty is a conviction
that he has known for once
‚The Reality‘ which has no image,
and solved the paradox of life,
than the meek self-loss
in that Cloud of Unknowing
where the contemplative
in union is content
to meet his Beloved.
„(Cloud of Unknowing documents techniques used by the medieval monastic community to build and maintain that contemplative knowledge of God. Scholars date the anonymous authorship of Cloud of Unknowing to 1375, during the height of European monasticism. Written as a primer for the young monastic, the work is instructional, but does not have an austere didactic tone. Rather, the work embraces the reader with a maternal call to grow closer to God through meditation and prayer'.Andrew Hanson)

(Graphic: God is Power | Donna Baptiste Ministries

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by Genova Maaa my mother

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In the bliss of rapture, the tension is perhaps more blessed and exalted than in the application of union. Such a recap of his feeling-state helps remind him of the joy of victory. This foregone conclusion is an assurance that he has known for once 'The Reality' which has no form, and uncovered the absurdity of life, than the humble self-loss in 'The Cloud of Unknowing' where the rapt mystic is happy to meet his 'Beloved'. A superb, insightful, sublime write on the reality which has no image! Thank you for sharing, dearest Tonyyyyy...