HD (1/20/90 / beloit)

The Realization

I'm lost, losing, leaving
Leaning closer to death
With every breath.
A dark hand
Brushes softly 'cross my face...
I'm lost in faith.
Lost in thought.
I see the taint of blood on the wind...
On my skin.
It tastes like Death
My every breath cuts deeper in my soul.
There is nowhere else to go
But down.
This lifes high
Is fading fast.
Its in my past,
In my path of destruction.
Seeping into me
From me,
For me.
With every word I speak it is there.
Each time my heart breaks it is life I fear.
This dark and winding road...
This prison is my home.
Until I reach the final turn
I burn,
I cry.
As if a piece of me is
Left behind
And I am being stretched beyond my limits
'Till I find the end and
This life is more than I can take.

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A nice poetic imagination, Heather. You may like to read my poem, Love and Iust. Thanks