(08-30-60 / Metro Manila, Philippines)

The Reason I Live For

When the day grew dim,
The passion comes within
The passion built by the moonlight,
And the twinkling of the stars...
The stars that set sparkle in the eyes,
The eyes that has caught fire...
The eyes that capture a thousand lust
The lust upon the luscious lips...
The lips that launch the sweetest smile
The smile comparable to mother nature
As nature being kissed by the mighty air
The air that swiftly blown your silky hair
The hair that scented the eastern wind
As wind blew a voice to the western end
The voice that is whispering your ears...
Whisper to consume my every breath,
The breath of love that lives in me
Yet lives from traces of a bitter past
The past that dwells a shadow of your soul
One soul, once we were, that once we shared
A shared love so heartfelt based on truth
A truth that sets us free, a truth that hurts
The hurt that never leaves a shadow
Is a shadow that follows for life
The life you have once promised
Now a promise blown to pieces...
Pieces of you hailed from a dream
A dream that will stay a dream...
A dream that haunts yet desires
The desire of my life's existence
The ever-existing man in this heart,
The heart that cleaves to leave the past
The past that strengthens the present
Is a present I offer to rekindle a love
A love where our shadows could dance
In a dance you once failed a chance
Now, this chance I offer a lifetime
A chosen lifetime with you...
You, that have created me a dark shadow
The shadow of how you crashed this heart
The heart that had cried a river
In the river of my mind...
Crumpled mind cheated by time
The time that you deprived me then
Reminding that time has a mind of its own
The mind that had been too selfish
And took my hopes uncherished...
Those uncherished days painted black and blue
Bluer than the deepest seas
The seas of love now tinted red
Bloody red as a bleeding human
The human that is torn to the bones,
The bone that had drawn a woman
From the hipbone of a man...
A man who has been a reason
A reason that I live for...

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Ah! what a nice poem! You are very insightful.