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The Reason Why

The reason why...
The flaming sun rises in the east
Is for the world to lay down a feast
The high mountains stood still
As the low lands remain still

The reason why...
I cannot close my eyes tonight
Is for me not to let you out of my sight
The picture of the glistening moon in the waters
As the picture of your face on my mind lingers

The reason why...
The wind blows
Is for it to kiss your nose
The sound of the birds chirping in the air
As the sound of my heart the moment you kiss my hair

The reason why...
There is beginning is for everything to have an ending
The moment those lovely roses spring to life
As the moment you look into my eyes and took out my life

The reason why...
The sea keeps on rushing to the shore
Is the same reason why I like you more and more
The feel of the cold rain on your smooth skin
As the feel of your warm breath under the sheet so thin

The reason why...
Diamonds are forever
Is the same reason why I'll hold you forever
At the end of the rainbow there might be a hidden treasure
But it's nothing compared to you the one I truly treasure

The reason why....
The stars cannot leave the sky
Is the same reason why I'll never say goodbye
The reason why I feel this way is unknown
But one thing is for sure you're the only reason I have known.

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has all the things that make a great poem we may never know my friend hehe great work -mel
wonderful poem..nicely expressed and written well...nice piece...10
beautiful poem, well conveyed...written in eloquence.
Breath taking poem..... one of my faves.