The Reason Why I Left Home

Poem By kfm Productions

I was discouraged to carry on with my dream. /
I was hated for believing in respect & dignity. /
I was not appreciated for being myself, because i was treated like a loner. /
I was ambitious, hence i was not inspired to follow my dream. /

I always felt like i am hopeless, because i did not have emotional & financial support. /
They only cared about my hope that i protect on a daily basis. /
I become afraid...if i reminisce about my poor background... /
I didn't get a chance to retaliate verbally to my siblings, /
parents, relatives, grandparents & society. /
I was afraid to exhibit my personal attributes, because i was shy. /
I am judging from my experience, because i like to hold grudges. /

I let my time pass by washing the windows, sweeping the floor, cooking &
washing my laundry. /
I was addicted to my love from parents, siblings, relatives, grandparents & society. /
I was always right to my parents, hence i became an enemy to my siblings. /
Hence, they used negative words intentionally to hurt my feelings. /
I felt like i was hated, because i lost my hope. /
The fact is nobody was on my side, except my grandmother. /
I believe in in order to 'know where you are going, /
you must know where you are coming from'. /
I wouldn't be successful, if it wasn't for my grandmother's support /
to achieve my ambition. /

Author: Koena France Mokoena

kfm productions.

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