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The Rebel Speaks
JG (10.31.86 / Attleboro, MA)

The Rebel Speaks

I have come,
That I might put to rest
All misconceptions you hold
Of who I am.
I have come,
That I might clarify,
By stating who I am.

I am, first of all,
Not you. I cannot be
You, nor would I wish to be you.
I can only be
Who I am-

Also, I must say,
I am but human.
Beware, lest you expect
More of me.

I will fail,
Though I will try not to,
And when I do,
I must learn.

I am a man. Along with this
Comes a myriad
Of trials and temptations,
Some of which
Even you may never understand.

I am different, too.
I am not like
All others whom you may have known.
I think differently,
I speak differently,
I feel differently,
All because
I am unique.
I am not like
Any other human on earth.

Do not fear, for me.
I am young, still, but
I grow older constantly.
I am who I am,
My own man.
I must live, breathe,
If I do not,
I will, without doubt,

This is why I live
As I do:
I am not
Exactly as you might wish.
Nor will I ever be.
I can only live
Under my own convictions,
Placed in my soul by my God.

I am young, still;
But I am on my own:
I can no longer live
According to you.
Now, I must live
According to me,
As God guides me.

(dedicated to my parents, who I love with all my heart.)

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