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The Rebirth Of Lady Monarch

wrapped up warm and tight
darkness surrounds
waiting till the time is right
the silence is profound.
all her life she's lived for this day
this has been her life's purpose
she never even thought to stay
but how could she not be nervous
always looked upon as different
awkward even scary and strange
yes all her life the clock has ticked
waiting for some kind of change
minutes to hours and hours to days
apprehension to fear...will I always be this way?
and what if I'm not? what if I change?
being different is all I know
I don't ever want to be the same
as the ones who've hurt me so
too late now for all of this
the changing has begun
seems as though I'm getting my wish
Oh God, I want to run
to be free from all this fear
stumbling through life; tripping
how did i end up here
feeling myself just slipping
no longer resisting
spirit shifting
and now...body uplifting

Bright light blinding, no longer dark
Binding... unwinding she begins her embark
stretching and floating toward a new life
her true colors showing
her graceful first flight

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Pablo Neruda

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