LRJ (January 19,1989 / Rapid City, South Dakota)

The Rebuild

I Don't Understand
Why You Didn't Come and Talk To Me
About Me Supposedly Cheating On You
That Your Friends Obviously Got You To Believe

Now You Have Put Yourself In A Bad Situation
You Have 'Thought About Giving Things Another Chance'
You Expect Me To Take You Back
Now That You Have Looked At This From A Different Glance

You Didn't Know If The Rumors Were True
But You Still Believed Your Idiotic Friends
Then You Took Immediate Action
And Put What Could've Been A Perfect Relationship To An End

It's Been About Six Weeks
Since You Believed All Of Those Lies
And I've Had A Chance To Be Single Again
And Look At Life Through New Eyes

I'm Not Saying That I'm Over You
But It's Not That I Haven't Tried
You've hurt Me More Than Once Before
And A Whole Ocean Of Tears I Have Cried

I'm Not Ever Going To Be Able To Shut You Out
You've Made A Huge Impact On My Life
But You've Hurt Me So Much In The Past
That The Pain Is Like Slitting My Wrist WIth A Knife

I Believe Things May Be Able To Be Worked Out
But Again We Have Tried This Before
Things Went Bad Just Like Last Time
And On Me, You Closed The Door

We Can't Just Pick Up Where We Left Off
We Have To Rebuild Our Friendship And Our Trust
I Have To Make Sure You Won't Break My Heart Again
And Make Sure You Don't Go Leaving Me In The Dust

Maybe Once Our Trust Within One Another Is Built
Another Relatioship Can Start
But It Would Be For The Last Time
I Would Give You The Key To My Heart

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