The Receiver Of Love

Poem By Angela R. M. Ferrer

What do I have to deserve thee?
I have nothing to offer but coldness and brutality
Yet when I see your angelic face,
my world blurs and starts to ask questions that are never answerable.

In your eyes I see the sweet warm welcome,
In your hands I feel the softest touch.
With your body, you bring my senses into rage and my pulse raises with your sharp breathing.

Your face, your smell, your touch are all too powerful for me to resist,
but I stay away, I retaliate, I run, like a coward I am, because my past haunts me.

Faces from before tells me I am no good for you
They remind me of my sins,
sins that I have regrettably shared with them,
sins that I want to forget,
but sins that I can never forget.

It is your spirit that keeps me intact,
it is your smile that keeps me safe.
Though your face reminds me of my past,
your face reminds me of my future as well.

Perhaps with your presence,
I can both conquer my past and my future
Perhaps with your love,
I can grow into something beautiful
like what I have always hoped.

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