[01] Lady

I don't know any lady
without eyes with zero dreams!

I've found two female legs
walking on the rainbow
At the top of the tree with birds;
I've seen two hands of a damsel
touching blue lotuses
Within thrilling waves of low air!

A pea-green lady soul secreting moonlight
Around orange-sun cracking jokes with clouds.

I've perceived weighty eyes
in the deeper black lake
Swimming with multicolored fishes;
I've seen an off-white body limbless
into an unknown folder
Walking slowly on the water!

I haven't noticed any woman
flying like kites together with a butterfly!

Poem 22
Book 'Beckoning Jade-Dreams' April 2007
Copyright Musharrat Mahjabeen
Mizan Publishers, Dhaka, Bangladesh
ISBN 984-8700-82-X

by Ashraful Musaddeq

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